free printable business card templates for word

This is the word template for business cards templates. It can be used for company card template, personal card name, membership card. You can make your own business cards free and printable using this template. Only, sometimes you may need adjustment in size before printing the cards. This card template is perfect for mass printing.



There are two items in this business cards templates:

Card Header

Consists of Card Titles. The Replacement Windows User can be used for the card title or program. Eg. Membership Sale program. Meanwhile the placeholder Title can be subtitle, such as January Membership or position in company business.

free business cards templates for word
free business cards templates for word

Card Details

free business card design
free business card design

The place for telling the company details. The fields are:

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Company Phone
  • Email
  • Web



To use the business cards templates, simply enter and replace the text on provided fields. On the Card Header, replace the Window User placeholder with your own business program. You can replace it with company name too. Next, add the subtitle. If there Is none, you can delete it.


Jonah Phone Counter (on title)

The best phone sales ever (on subtitle)

Add the Company Details on the Details field. If you create membership card, you can replace the details with member details. You can add profile picture if you want to. To add picture, click Insert tab > Picture. You may need to resize and adjust the picture before putting it to the Details. It is free printable business card templates. There is 10 card templates in one page, which is for mass printing. However, sometimes you may need to resize the free business card design size to match with the card paper size.



The business cards templates using tables to divide into 10 pieces cards. The header is using shading color to the tables, while the details part is no fill or blank shading.

If you want to add design to the Details part, you can do it by:

  1. Add the design from pattern or texture.
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free printable business card templates for word
free printable business card templates for word

To do this, go to Design > Page Color > Fill Effects. On dialog box Choose texture or pattern tab, then choose of the provided pattern. You can upload your own texture too. This method is easier to do, but the design result may be different and not same with other card pieces.

  1. Manually add picture.
free printable business card templates
free printable business card templates

Click Insert tab > Picture and navigate to picture location. After that, right click the picture and choose Wrap Text > Behind the Picture. Then resize and position it behind the details place. Next, copy the picture and place it to next card pieces. With proper picture transformation, the design result will be all same. However, it is harder and tiring to do it.

If you want to change the header color, go to Design tab (which is the last one for table Design) > Shading > choose one of the color. Because this is tables, change each of the table field manually.

make your own business cards free printable
make your own business cards free printable

If you want to add another picture to header background, first select No Fill in the Shading. Then, insert the picture and do Step #2 in Add Design to Details part instruction. At this moment, it is impossible to instantly add the header background. To avoid editing, it is advised to use pattern design into business cards templates and not changed the header. The free printable business card templates for word is advised to be back of the card instead.



This free business cards templates for word are easy to use and modify. It has no function and focus on the aesthetic, so knowledge in design will be a plus for modifying this template. However, it going to be tiring to edit the picture background. The card template is highly advised to be printed in glossy or higher paper type instead of normal, A4 paper.

The business cards templates can be downloaded here:

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