Student Schedule Template Planner in MS Excel

The student schedule template is the excel template for assign the class schedule for students. Even through the name is student schedule, it’s actually can be used for everyone including teacher, worker, or even for project planner. This template is for daily and scheduled class or task, so it is not best to add one time task here.

Student Schedule Planner

student schedule sheet
student schedule planner sheet


Student Schedule Sheet

Student schedule template has two sheets:

Class List

The first menu, but second sheet. This is the menu to fill the class. The fields are:

  • Class Name
  • Class ID
  • Day: drop down menu for day name
  • Location: building or room name for the class.
  • Start Time
  • End Time

    student schedule maker
    student schedule maker

On the right top corner, there is button to Class Schedule menu.

Class Schedule

The menu for displaying the class schedule in timely manner. This student schedule sheet has:

  • Schedule Start: drop down menu for displaying when the time schedule start. The earliest is 8:00 AM.
  • Time Interval: drop down menu for displaying the range from one time row to next time row.
  • Class List button: switch to Class List sheet menu.

    excel student schedule template
    excel student schedule template

There is a column for time row, which started using the Schedule start and ranged with Time Interval field. For days, there are 7 columns for each day. The Sunday is bolted blue as weekend sign, however it still possible to add schedule in Sunday. 9:PM row is bolted with light yellow for rest time. The time that has class schedule are highlighted with light grey and has Class ID on the highlight.


How to Use Student Schedule Planner

To used student schedule template, all you need to do is fill the Class List menu. On Class List, enter the class name and class ID. For better display in Class Schedule menu, you can switch the column.

Because there may be same class with different time schedule and place, the duplication for class name and class ID is permitted. However, if there are some records with totally same class and schedule, you can delete the duplicate records. Read on notes below.

Next, select the Day field from drop down menu. Enter the class location, Start Time, and End Time.

On Class Schedule menu, set the Schedule Start field by selecting a value in drop down menu. Do the same with Time Interval menu.

student schedule planner
student schedule planner

To change the Start Schedule and Time Interval field, you can use Data Validation method.

You can print student weekly schedule template in A4 paper, portrait orientation. You can modify and design before printing, then hang it at the fridge door as reminder.

student weekly schedule template
student weekly schedule template

It is possible to modify student schedule maker. Student schedule planner is not too complex for editing, but you may need to know some basic data in Excel such as Data Validation.

You can add new sheet for to do list into excel student schedule template. It can be served for displaying the student assignment.

The student schedule template is designed to follow the student class schedule by the time. If you use the it as non student, you can adjust your activities or events to the time tables. You may add new rows to extend the time range into this schedule template.

To change the student schedule template color schemes, go to Page Layout > Color or Themes.

NOTES: To delete duplicate class list, go to Design tab or Data tab. Then click Remove Duplicates. After the Remove Duplicate dialog box appear, check all columns. The newer, duplicated records will be deleted. Other way is to using filter options, and sort the record and find the duplicate data manually.


Summary of Excel Student Schedule Template

This template is multi-function. It can be used for school organization to create a class schedule. Aside for student schedule, you can set is as daily task schedule or even daily task in project or company. It can even support your workout schedule if used correctly.

Download Student Attendance Tracker in MS Excel

Student Attendance Tracker is Excel template for recording the student attendance. This template can be used mainly for school, but can be used as well for other education institution such as cram school database.

Student Attendance Tracker

Student attendance tracker consists of these menus:

Student List

Student attendance sheet for recording the students attending and registered to school. The fields are:

  • Student ID
  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Gender
  • Birth Date
  • Parent/Guardian 1
  • Parent/Guardian 1 Relationship
  • Parent/Guardian 1 Work Number
  • Parent/Guardian 1 Home Number
  • Parent/Guardian 2
  • Parent/Guardian 2 Relationship
  • Parent/Guardian 2 Work Number
  • Parent/Guardian 2 Home Number
  • Emergency Contact
  • Emergency Contact Relationship
  • Emergency Contact Work Number
  • Emergency Contact Home Number
  • Student Full Name: for displaying purpose only

    student attendance tracker template
    student attendance tracker template

Student Attendance Record

Sheets for recording the attendance. Consists of 12 sheets for each month. The starting month for student attendance tracker is August.

On August sheet, it has slider for selecting the year located on top right corner. After the year is selected, it will automatically change the dates and day following that month. The rest of the months do not have this slider, and following the selected year in August sheet.

student attendance system
student attendance system

On the Attendance table, it has Student ID and Student Name columns. On Student ID field, you can click drop down menu to select a student ID for attendance record. The Student Name field will be autogenerated based on Student ID.

Still on attendance table, it has small columns for each dates and days in that month. On the top, there are color keys and legends for absence status. This status keys will be filled on the table. On the right, there are totals absence status for each student. Meanwhile, the bottom row is the total absence for all students in each day and that month.

student attendance sheet
student attendance sheet (date 20-31 purposely hidden for display)

Student Attendance Tracker Report

The report menu to display overall attendance tracker excel summary. There are two table: the student table and attendance table. On student table, the first field is Student ID field, which is drop down menu to select an ID. Some identity fields are auto-generated based on the date in Student List sheet. There are still fields to fill:

  • School Name (or major name)
  • Grade
  • Teacher
  • Room

    student attendance management system
    student attendance management system

Those fields above are not changed even when you change the student. Because of that, student attendance tracker template only can be used for each class or grade.

On attendance table, the display is almost like Student Attendance Record sheet. Only, it is only for selected students and display all of the months.

attendance tracker excel
attendance tracker excel

How to Use The Template

On Student List, enter all details.

On student attendance system record sheet, select the year by using slider in August sheet. Select the Student by ID. To add more student, insert new row before Total row and select the Student ID. Be careful not to duplicate.

To change the status, just enter the initial key on the attendance table, like T for Tardy. Set the Saturday and Sunday to be No School status. The Total fields will automatically calculate the absence.

On Student Attendance Tracker Report, you only have to select Student ID and change the 4 fields that has been mentioned earlier.

You can modify the student attendance management system, but it may be complex to do so. You may need to know advance in macros or formula to change the months. It is best to not make any change unless you know how.

You can integrate this template with other system in your school.

If you still confuse and have trouble with using this template, on the first sheet it has the guide about how to use student attendance tracker template.

Template Summary

This template can be used for very small to big school. You can even modify this template into employee attendance by changing some fields.

The report is printable in A4 paper, landscape orientation

Access Database Templates for Inventory Management and Tracking System

This is one of inventory access database templates built-in Microsoft Access 2016. Many companies are doing inventory system manually. This is considered less effective because with manual recording often occurs errors when listing products. Therefore, it is recommended that the recording system be manually replaced by an application. Microsoft Access is one of the application based inventory system. One of the purposes of using an this easy inventory management access templates is can simplify and speed up service, improve service quality and also simplify products search.

Access Database Templates Inventory-1
Access Database Templates Inventory-1


Access Database Templates Inventory-2
Access Database Templates Inventory-2


This product inventory management database template, as seen on the picture above, keeps inventory management system based on product categories. Product categories contain product ID, product name, unit cost and adjusted quantity. So the officer can check the product that the supply is a lot or a little supply. Therefore this application is suitable for small and medium business in Indonesia. This inventory management templates for small business can help trader Indonesia in resolve the incoming products and the outgoing products to store with easy and fast.
If user want to know incoming products, user must click button supplier. As seen on the picture bellow, this inventory and sales management templates display supplier identity such as number ID, name, email address, address, phone number and more important the type of product, quantity product, expected date, actual date and also order status. So owners can easily know which products delivered or awaiting delivery.

Access Templates Inventory Management
Access Templates Inventory Management


This application also help customers about the availability of products. The customer should ask the officer by mentioning the product to be purchased and the officer only looking for the product through this inventory system. This system called customer inventory management templates which can also serve as a database of customer shopping activities. As seen picture bellow, user know customer identity such as number ID, name, email address, address, phone number and and of course shopping activities such as the type of product purchased, shopping date and total cost. After the transaction is complete, this inventory and customer management templates will display available quantity for each product.

This Microsoft access based template can show the report periodically such as sales report, orders report and product inventory report. User just click report button on this application. So owner can can monitor the progress of business and identify problems that will arise as early as possible.


Microsoft Access Templates Inventory Management
Microsoft Access Templates Inventory Management

This inventory system can requested with additional features as per the owner’s wishes. This application called custom inventory management templates. This application is very useful for a variety of businesses with various products and does not depend on a particular brand. This application also can know in real time condition of product inventory. For those of you who run a business selling and buying products are advised to use this inventory system applications. Microsoft Access helps you in doing business. Download the access template on!

Purchase Order Template Excel

Purchase order template excel is excel template for writing document to control the purchasing of products and services from external suppliers. This sales purchase template can be used by small to medium company.



The purchase order template excel has only one sheet, but contains several elements:

Purchase Order Template Excel Header

Contains the Purchase Order document title on upper left. On the left side, it has placeholder image for company logo, followed by Company Name and Company Slogan fields below the placeholder image.

Below the Company, there are field for Company address fields:

  • Address Street
  • Address City, State, and Zip Code
  • Phone and Fax Number
  • Email
simple purchase order template
simple purchase order template

On the right side, there are fields for Purchase Order overview:

  • PO No.: Purchase Order ID
  • Date: can be Sales Order generated date or Order request date
  • Customer ID: it is supposed for vendor ID. You may need to replace the name.

Purchase Order Template Excel Recipient

Located below the header. There are 2 main columns: Vendor for supplier name and addresses. [Ship To] is to whom and the address for received the goods. You can fill it with your own factory address or your customer name if you are distributor or drop-shipper. The fields are same in both columns:

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Address Street
  • Address City, State, and Zip Code
  • Phone Number

You can add customer Email and Fax Number for more details.

purchase order template pdf
purchase order template pdf

Below the columns, there are three fields for shipping:

  • Shipping method: enter the logistic company used for shipping.
  • Shipping term: shipping type or regulations
  • Delivery date: the estimation of the item come. If it consultation or service, enter the estimation time the work finished.
purchase order format doc
purchase order format doc

Purchase Order Template Excel Detail

The part to enter the sales order or request detail. The fields are:

  • Quantity
  • Item ID
  • Item Description
  • Job: you can enter the person number if it service.
  • Unit Price
  • Line Total: after being calculated with quantity, unit price, and discount.
excel purchase order template auto numbering
excel purchase order template auto numbering

Below the details, it has summary price. The fields are:

  • Subtotal: Total of items before tax.
  • Sales Tax: the tax rate or amount for the work
  • Total: after being calculated with sales.

Simple Purchase Order Template Authorization

Located after the Total field. It is the fields where you enter the person who authorized for this purchase order and the date.

Purchase Order Format In Excel With Terms & Conditions

Located on the bottom left. It is the textbox where you enter the terms and conditions guideline for the purchase order. On the end line, you may need to add contact details for responsible person for this order.

purchase order format in excel with terms & conditions
purchase order format in excel with terms & conditions



First, replace the logo placeholder by right clicking the placeholder picture > Change Picture. Then, navigate to the logo location in your computer. Resize and adjust it to fit with the header. Replace the Company Name and Slogan.

Enter your address, shipping address and vendor address.

Then, fill the table on salesperson from your employee and details from the work. Next, enter details of bought items.

For tax, input the percentage in decimal. For example, if the tax is 5%, enter 0.05 instead of 5.

Lastly, add the authorization sign. To do this, you may need to convert as purchase order template pdf, then add signature. You can add it as image too.

You can send the customer order form template excel digitally, or even digital archive, or print it blank for manual writing. You can convert it into purchase order format doc.

You can make the excel purchase order template auto numbering by adding a new sheet for item or customer database. Or, you can integrate this template with other product list or customer database or template file. To integrate, you can use Data Validation method.


This purchase order form can be used for retail or manufacture industry. It can be used for service business too.

The purchase order template excel can be downloaded for free after you click one of these buttons:

Cash Flow Projection For 12 Months Templates

This Excel template named Cash Flow Projection For 12 Months. Like its name, the purpose of this template is for recording your cash flow in a year. Cash Flow Projection For 12 Months can help you in managing your financial and accounting. Cash Flow Projection For 12 Months can be used for personal use or small to medium company.



Cash flow projection for 12 months template has 4 menus displayed in each sheets or as the buttons on the right top corner.

12 month cash flow projection template
12 month cash flow projection template


Menu for explaining the purpose and brief instructions about how to use this template.

Explanation of Data

Menu that explain the legends used in cash flow forecast 12 months excel. It is like basic dictionary for each word used.

Because both Guidelines and Explanation of Data menus are not essential, you can delete or ignore them. Do not delete if you still not familiar on how to use this template.

Projected Cash Flow

Menu for recording the planned budget for a year.

Actual Cash Flow

Menu for recording the actual income and expenses for a year.

Both menus are main menus. The fields are all same, so the explanations for these menus will displayed at once below.



First, Change the Year, Company Name, and Update Date on the top left header.

The cash flow forecast for 12 months divided into 4 parts:

  1. Income and the Cash on Hand. Symbolized with blue color. Enter all your income source and amount here.
cash flow forecast for 12 months
cash flow forecast for 12 months
  1. Expenses, symbolized with orange color. Enter all expenses and liabilities sources and amount here. Remember to only input the expenses that require cash out.
cash flow forecast 12 months excel
cash flow forecast 12 months excel
  1. Cash Position, symbolized with green color. This is where you enter the adjustment value (income or expenses) that do not require cash in or cash out. The example is depreciation, where the value of items keep reduced, but it will not cost the cash in hand.
cash flow projection for 12 months template
cash flow projection for 12 months template
  1. Checking. The purpose is to determine whether the liabilities and assets are balance like accounting principles. The explanation of checks can be seen in Guidelines Sheet.
cash flow projection for 12 months example
cash flow projection for 12 months example

NOTES: there may be error in the row adjustment in this part. You may need to adjust the formula with right field name/code. Look at Guidelines to correctly adjusting the formula.


Other Notes

The first column is pre-startup which function to enter the balance from previous year. Remember to only input the previous cash flow amount on [Beginning of month] row. If you enter other row in this column, it may cause errors in Checking Verification. If you still insist to enter the other rows in this column, you may need to adjust the Totals calculation formulas to avoid the Checking Error, or simply write new formula for Checking part.

You can enter the values amounts to the rest of the fields. Do not change the fields that has been set up with formula, unless you totally want to edit or modify the template.

The last column is Total column. You can copy the value and paste to new Cash Flow template for next year.

You can use the 12 months cash flow projection template to compare and determine the over-budget or under-budget status. To make it easier to compare, you can make both sheet displayed side by side at the same time:

  1. On View tab, click New Window.
  2. Once the new window popped up, click View Side by Side button.
  3. Both window will automatically split into two parts. You can resize it into vertical view or horizontally.
  4. Click Synchronous Scrolling to scroll both worksheets at the same time.
cash flow projection for 12 months example-2
cash flow projection for 12 months example-2



Aside for monthly cash flow, you can turn the Cash Flow Projection For 12 Months for yearly use or for each project. The Cash Flow Projection For 12 Months is open source template, you can edit and modify it for free. The Cash Flow Projection For 12 Months can be downloaded for free.