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If you have fundraising campaign, why not try this donation card template. It is the donation template for walk-a-ton or running marathon fundraiser or festival. You may also turn this donation pledge card template for another fundraising campaign, such as business or startup investing campaign. This donation pledge will be sent or displayed to the sponsor or potential sponsors.



There are 4 menus in this donation card template, divided in each page:

Donation Card Template Opening

This is where you write about the opening of the pledge to the sponsor. Describe the event, such as the specific event name, planned number of laps, event route and time, the event objective and goals, and where the donation will go or who receive the donation.

donation card template word
donation card template word

Below the opening, there is a table for the sponsor list. The fields are:

  • Number
  • Sponsor Name: could be business or individual
  • Pledge per Lap: Donated amount from sponsor for each laps
  • Maximum pledge: the limitation of the amount the sponsor willing to donate
  • Amount Collected from Sponsor: the actual amount that the Sponsor donated.
  • Business Matching Pledge Amount: the additional amount given or donated in case if the fundraiser failed to achieve the donation goal.


Double Your Contribution

This is the list page to enter the organization or individual who willing to contribute to the donation. The list is in table, but the border is not displayed.

donation form template word
donation form template word


Donation Card Template Details

This is where you describe the event in more details. Tell about the detailed place, time, and route. Then, tell who are the participants and their condition. Recite the event goal and objective as well the event timeline. And lastly, do not forget to thank and appreciate the donators or sponsors.

donation pledge card template
donation pledge card template


The page to write the rules for the event. These rules include the rules for walkathon participants, sponsors, and event organizers.

donation card templates
donation card templates



It is simple to use donation form template word. Because the formality, you may need to use formal, polite words and sentences, as well knowledge in writing donation card template word proposal. Don’t worry because donation card template provides the essential sections need for the proposal.

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On the Opening, replace the placeholder text for organization name and year. Then, enter the Participant Name. If the participant divided in group, enter the team name. Enter the target laps and activities.

On the table, enter the sponsor name and details.

charity donation card template
charity donation card template

Next enter who willing to double the contribution.

On details, enter or replace the placeholder text. You can add more description for the event. If you previously enter team name, describe the participant member, age, and condition. You can input the event timeline, like when the event done, when the donation received by target organization, or the (monthly) report regarding the donation activities and how the target organization manage the donation.

Next enter the rules. The rules is supposed to be optional, but it suggested to be created to prevent unwanted action such as scam or protest. Don’t forget to add contact person number or email on the last page.



Since most of donation card templates are all in text, it is really easy to modify it. You only need to replace the placeholder or adding another proposal sections and typing additional details. You may need technical knowledge to write proposal for doing so.

By Ms. Word, you only need to change the font type, size, and color in Home tab. If you want to add picture background, go to Design tab > Page Color > Fill Effect. In dialog box, go to Picture tab and select a picture. You can add watermark in Design tab > Watermark > Custom Watermark.



The charity donation card template is set for A4 paper. You can set it for other page type in Layout tab > Size or Margin to refine the text lining. You can download the donation card template after you click one of these buttons:

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