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Student Attendance Tracker is Excel template for recording the student attendance. This template can be used mainly for school, but can be used as well for other education institution such as cram school database.

Student Attendance Tracker

Student attendance tracker consists of these menus:

Student List

Student attendance sheet for recording the students attending and registered to school. The fields are:

  • Student ID
  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Gender
  • Birth Date
  • Parent/Guardian 1
  • Parent/Guardian 1 Relationship
  • Parent/Guardian 1 Work Number
  • Parent/Guardian 1 Home Number
  • Parent/Guardian 2
  • Parent/Guardian 2 Relationship
  • Parent/Guardian 2 Work Number
  • Parent/Guardian 2 Home Number
  • Emergency Contact
  • Emergency Contact Relationship
  • Emergency Contact Work Number
  • Emergency Contact Home Number
  • Student Full Name: for displaying purpose only

    student attendance tracker template
    student attendance tracker template

Student Attendance Record

Sheets for recording the attendance. Consists of 12 sheets for each month. The starting month for student attendance tracker is August.

On August sheet, it has slider for selecting the year located on top right corner. After the year is selected, it will automatically change the dates and day following that month. The rest of the months do not have this slider, and following the selected year in August sheet.

student attendance system
student attendance system

On the Attendance table, it has Student ID and Student Name columns. On Student ID field, you can click drop down menu to select a student ID for attendance record. The Student Name field will be autogenerated based on Student ID.

Still on attendance table, it has small columns for each dates and days in that month. On the top, there are color keys and legends for absence status. This status keys will be filled on the table. On the right, there are totals absence status for each student. Meanwhile, the bottom row is the total absence for all students in each day and that month.

student attendance sheet
student attendance sheet (date 20-31 purposely hidden for display)

Student Attendance Tracker Report

The report menu to display overall attendance tracker excel summary. There are two table: the student table and attendance table. On student table, the first field is Student ID field, which is drop down menu to select an ID. Some identity fields are auto-generated based on the date in Student List sheet. There are still fields to fill:

  • School Name (or major name)
  • Grade
  • Teacher
  • Room

    student attendance management system
    student attendance management system

Those fields above are not changed even when you change the student. Because of that, student attendance tracker template only can be used for each class or grade.

On attendance table, the display is almost like Student Attendance Record sheet. Only, it is only for selected students and display all of the months.

attendance tracker excel
attendance tracker excel

How to Use The Template

On Student List, enter all details.

On student attendance system record sheet, select the year by using slider in August sheet. Select the Student by ID. To add more student, insert new row before Total row and select the Student ID. Be careful not to duplicate.

To change the status, just enter the initial key on the attendance table, like T for Tardy. Set the Saturday and Sunday to be No School status. The Total fields will automatically calculate the absence.

On Student Attendance Tracker Report, you only have to select Student ID and change the 4 fields that has been mentioned earlier.

You can modify the student attendance management system, but it may be complex to do so. You may need to know advance in macros or formula to change the months. It is best to not make any change unless you know how.

You can integrate this template with other system in your school.

If you still confuse and have trouble with using this template, on the first sheet it has the guide about how to use student attendance tracker template.

Template Summary

This template can be used for very small to big school. You can even modify this template into employee attendance by changing some fields.

The report is printable in A4 paper, landscape orientation

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