project budget template excel

The main purpose of this business budget template excel, is to plan and estimate the budget cost of your company. You can use business budget template excel for personal expenses and income budgeting too. The business budget template excel can converted into project based budget or division budget, as well wedding budget planner or event budget planner.

It can be used for small company or start up business budget template. You can use the business budget template excel to analyze the expenses target and actual spending, as well to compare them and decide the goal settings.


project budget template excel has these menus or sheets:

Monthly Budget Summary

Menu for displaying the summarized budget previewed in tables, chart, and percentage.

Monthly Budget Details

Menu for entering and recording the budget planning and amount.



First on Monthly Budget Summary menu, look at the header.

yearly budget template excel free
yearly budget template excel free

Change the company name. The name in next sheet will automatically change. Enter the period for the budget.

Open the Monthly Budget Details menu. There are 3 budgeting table types:

1. Income: Input the income source and amount here.

2. Personnel Expenses: Enter expenses regarding with workers such as wage.

3. Operational Expenses: Enter expenses regarding with business operation. E.g. telephone bills, fuel or transportation expenses.

annual business budget template excel
annual business budget template excel

Input the money amount in budgeting tables. Each budgeting table has 4 columns:

1. Title or description

2. Estimated: prepared or estimation for the planned budget.

3. Actual: the actual amount spent or received.

4. Difference: the balance from the Estimated and Actual amount. On Income, the Difference will be negative if the Actual amount is less than Estimated amount. It’s reversed on Expenses tables.

If you want to add new budget title or description, insert row before the Total rows.

If you want to add new budgeting tables, you can copy one of it. Rename the table titles. Select one of the field inside the table, then go to Design tab > Properties Group > Table Name to change the name. Make sure the name in the toolbar and table field is matched.

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SUGGESTION: for personal use, you can turn the Personnel Expenses table into Saving while Operational Expenses stays.

NOTE: why should we rename the name in toolbar? It’s to make the formula in next menu easier to be written. Another advantage is you don’t have to change the formula if you make any minor changes such as adding new row.

The Charts

On Monthly Budget Details menu, there are 3 summary previews that have been mentioned before:

1. Tables Preview

project budget template excel
project budget template excel

It displays total income and expenses. If you add new budgeting table, you need to fix the formula:


Change Table Name and Estimated or Actual formula based on which column the field belong to. The table is not limited, but suggested to follow the formula.

2. Chart Preview

project budget template excel
project budget template excel

Display the totals in chart. The chart is based on Tables Preview, so you don’t need to change the preview if you made changes in other menu.

3. Percentage Preview

start up business budget template
start up business budget template

Display the top highest expenses in percentage.

To display business budget template excel in both summarized and details at the same time without cycling between two menus:

1. On View tab, click New Window.

2. Once the new window popped up, click View Side by Side button.

3. Both window will automatically split into two parts. You can resize it into vertical view or horizontally.

4. Click Synchronous Scrolling to scroll both worksheets at the same time. However, it won’t be needed too much.



You can easily modify it into weekly or yearly budget template excel free. Since it is less complex, you can use monthly budget template excel for multiple months by copying the Monthly Budget Details menu for each month. The summarized menu can be turned into annual business budget template excel by adding the Totals in each month.


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