Chore Chart Template For Microsoft Excel

Chore chart template excel is simply a daily constant to-do list, which assigned in group of people. Chore chart template can be used for personal household chores, school or organization cleaning schedule. It can be used for menial work scheduling too. Chore chart template excel can be turned for habit tracker too.

chore chart template
chore chart template


Chore chart template excel consist only one menu: Chore Schedule to records the chores and their status.


Chore Schedule design and purpose for weekly chore chart template. You can turn it into monthly chore chart template excel by copying the sheets into 4 or 5 for each week in a month.

Chore Schedule has some elements:

  1. Start Date. The field to determine the first week date. It automatically set for Today date, which can be seen on formula bar. To turn the Start Date from formula into value, you can manually input the date. You turned the value to Today Date press F2, F9, and Enter in your keyboard.
monthly chore chart template excel
monthly chore chart template excel
  1. Date Column. There are 7 columns for each day. The top rows describe the Day name, while the bottom rows display the Date number. The Date following the Start Date.
weekly chore chart template
weekly chore chart template
  1. Task List. Enter the task name or description here. If you need to add new task, insert the row inside the chore table. The task supposed to be menial task performed daily, e.g. household chores. You can freely enter task name depends on how you turned the Chores template into.
household chore list template
household chore list template
  1. Chore Checklist. List for enter the task status. Consist of Who and Done columns. Who column is for the one responsible with or assigned for doing the task. Done column is for chore status. You can input Yes/No (like the example below), filling color, percentage, or other options for status name.
blank chore charts printable
blank chore charts printable


It is necessary to turning the Start Date formula into value. This is because if not changed, the chore chart template excel will have the Date Column changing. This will mess up the chores checklist status. E.g. The Start Date is on 2 June 2017. On Friday 2nd column, you enter the task status. On the next day (June 3rd), the first column will turned into June 3rd and the value in checklist will stay on June 3rd column.

If you have several names list into chore chart template excel, you can set up the Who field into drop down menu. To do that, follow the instructions:

  1. Create a table for the person list in new sheet or you can import person table. Create the list in a row or column only. This is because the Data Validation only support for only a row or only a column.
  2. Select all Who fields or columns.
  3. Click Data tab > Data Tools group > Data Validation.
  4. On the dialog box > Setting tab, follow this parameter:
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Allow: List

Source: Click the icon on right. Then, drag to select the Person List table. You can manually input the field codes contains the Person Name List. E.g. =$A$1:$A$20.

  1. Click OK.

NOTE: you can add Done Status option by following the same steps.


The blank chore charts is printable in A4 paper with Landscape format, you can use it for manually writing and pinned it. You can redesign the interface into more interactive.

It can be used for project tracker in software development or event task tracker. Additionally, you can use it for personal used, such as personal freelance work chores (but may need to remove Who field). If you want to achieve something (diet plan, exercise or workout plan), you can turn household chore list template into habit tracker.

Further modifying, you can add priority, time shift or finished time, or comments fields. You can add filter too. To download the chore chart template excel, please hit one of these buttons:

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