Market Analysis Template consist of SWOT analysis template, which purpose is for finding the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat of company(s). The finding analysis can be used for company strategy (marketing, sales, etc) or evaluation. The Market Analysis Template can be used for startup, small to big company, in every industry. You can see the included market analysis excel sample for group study too.

market analysis template excel
market analysis template excel



Market analysis template excel has only 2 menus:

1. SWOT Comparison

Menu for entering the SWOT analysis question and result, as well comparing with other companies.

The analysis question displayed in each rows, while the competitor placed on columns.

marketing action plan template excel
marketing action plan template excel

2. Competitor Information

Menu for entering the information of analyzed companies. The information merely contact details to company condition overview. You can see the information fields on picture below.

market analysis excel
market analysis excel



To use the marketing action plan template excel, you only need to simply answer the provided question based on SWOT quadrant. You can see the example below.

digital marketing plan template excel
digital marketing plan template excel

You can add your own question by inserting the row between the question. However, you must define your own question and decide which quadrant it belongs to.

Like all SWOT analysis, there are 4 quadrants:

1. Strength: Strengths or plus point from internal (company) perspective, and from the point of view of customers and people in company market or industry.

E.g. low price, good service

2. Weakness: Weakness or negative point from internal (company) perspective, and from the point of view of customers and people in company market or industry. This is what the company should improve or changed, or can be exploited by competitors.

E.g. bad product, bad management

3. Opportunity: Opportunity is the external point, that could be grasped or left alone by the company. The Opportunity factor can help the company to grow and prosper.

E.g. new market, customer needs

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4. Threat: Threat is external factors which can put the business or company at risk. Threat is the factor that beyond your control. You have no control over these, but you maybe can make contingency plan to overcome the risk if should they occur.

E.g. competitors, political issues.

After you fill the table on SWOT Comparison menu, go to Competitor Information menu. Enter the information based on the information question. You can add new column for new information question. You can resize the row and column widths.

marketing campaign calendar template
marketing campaign calendar template



The example below is digital marketing plan template excel.


ABC Agency

XYZ Corp

What are your business advantages?
  • Cheaper price
  • Costumized Campaign
  • Brand Recognizition
  • Good Networking
What are your core competencies?
  • Using Internet
  • Customer Relationship
Where are you making the most money?
  • Start-up Company Campaign
  • Event for big company


ABC Agency

XYZ Corp

What areas are you avoiding?
  • Long term campaign
  • Small companies campaing
Where do you lack resources?
  • Small team
  • Team diversity
What are you doing poorly?
  • keeping up with project
  • Lack of customer satisfaction


ABC Agency

XYZ Corp

Any beneficial trends?
  • Many Startup company on Fashion industry
  • Big Company who use social media campaign
New needs of customers?
  • Needs of tutorial video
  • Needs to have or try tester product


ABC Agency

XYZ Corp

Aggressive competitors?
  • XYZ Corp
  • ABC Agency
Negative economic conditions?
  • Inflation
  • Inflation
  • Lack of growth
  • Unaware of new trends



The Market Analysis Template in A4 paper with Landscape format, you can use it for manually writing and pinned it. You can redesign the interface into more interactive and aesthetic.

You can integrate the template or use the analysis to create and fill the marketing campaign calendar template.

The Market Analysis Template can be use for various SWOT analysis, such as nonprofit organization SWOT template, self SWOT template, or product SWOT template.

Further modifying, you can turn the SWOT tables into TOWS table by reversing the table tows. You can download Market Analysis Template after you hit one of these buttons:

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