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Petition template is simply a word template for recording your petition for an action. The petition is a formal written request, typically signed by many people, appealing to authority with respect to a soliciting some favor, right, mercy, or other benefit.



Petition template has 3 main elements, which are:

Petition Template Header

The header which for writing the petition title or name.

petition letter template
petition letter template

Petition Template Opening

To describe the purpose. This table consist of two fields:

  1. Petition Summary and Background: enter the main reason to start the petition, the purpose and objective, why the petition should be approved, describe the action or request wanted, and most importantly, who you are or who is the host. This summary must not be too long, approx. around 5 paragraphs only.
  2. Action Petitioned For: describe to who or which group, organization which the petition is given to, which the request will be sent to. You can add third party if it needed. Tell brief message to the receiver authority.
petition template word
petition template word

Petition Forms List

The table list to records the signer or people who join the petition. It consists of several fields:

  • Printed Name: the signer name. Full name preferred
  • Signature: their signature. If you going to be digital, you can insert their signature picture or any other things to proven their involvement.
  • Address: the signature address
  • Comment: notes about their thoughts with the petition or reason why they join the petition. It could be suggestion or support.
  • Date: signed date.
petition signature sheet
petition signature sheet

The petition form list consists of 2 pages, on page combined with Header and Opening while the other standing alone. You can print the second one multiple times if the signers amount exceed the provided rows.



Using the petition template word is simple.

First, enter the petition header, enter the petition name or title. If needed, you can add customized header from your or host organization.

Next, enter the Summary and Background in Opening. Remember to add those elements that had been mentioned above. On Action Petitioned For, write the recipient authority and brief message for them.

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You can print the petition letter template. The signer records and signs could be manually written. If you do so, it is suggested to separate the Petition Form List into second page, so it would be more organized for sharing.

If you decide to write petition signature sheet digitally, enter the signed picture instead. To insert picture, go to Insert tab > Picture > navigate to picture location > Open. Then, resize it and use crop and compress (to lessen the file size) if needed.

Petition template printable in A4 paper, landscape orientation.



It is simple to modify petition template since it use no formula, macros, or any complex method. You only need to make small change into this template such as text font type, color, and size, adding picture, or such.

If you change the orientation or paper size, you may need to adjust the column size.

You can add watermark by going to Design tab > Watermark > Custom Watermark. To add page background, go to Design tab > Page Color > Fill Effect.

On the content, you may need to use formal word and persuasive words. You can add another section for the opening as petition proposal. However, you may need knowledge for creating proposal or persuasive words.

On Form List, it is suggested to add additional columns, such as phone number and email since it is more used than Address. You can add number to easily counted the collected signs.



Here is the example of using petition template.

On Header:

petition template printable
petition template printable

On Form List:

petition forms
petition forms



This template could be used by group or individual host, for any kind of petition. It could be school or student petition for internal school, or even for government.

You can use this template as database from petition instead of using it directly for collect petition.

The petition template can be downloaded here after you click:

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