editable silent auction bid sheet

The silent auction bid sheet is the word template for recording the bids which the auctioneers place their bids on sheets of paper instead of shouting and debating like normal auctions. The bid winner will be decided by the end of the day, announced after the bidding time is over. Mostly, the silent auction is for fundraising or donation purpose. Because of that, mostly the auctioned items are not antique or have high value or big size.

editable silent auction bid sheet
editable silent auction bid sheet



The silent auction bid sheet consists of 4 elements:

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Header

Consist of the company or organization which host the silent auction. It consists of Organization Name, Logo, and Auction date fields.

silent auction bid sheet doc
silent auction bid sheet doc

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Description

The section where you enter the auctioned items information. The fields are:

  • Section Name: this is the item category
  • Closing Time: when the silent auction is over, and the winner announced after this time.
  • Item Name
  • Item ID/Number
  • Description: the details of the item, like how or when do you get it, benefit, the item conditions, or how to use and customize it.
    • Value: the actual value or gained value
    • Minimum bid: the lowest point to get and bid the items.
    • Minimum bid increase: the next bid could not be lesser than the previous bid amount plus this minimum increase interval.
  • Donated by: who sell or donate the items
silent auction bid sheet template microsoft word
silent auction bid sheet template microsoft word


Silent Auction Bid Sheet Form

The form list for the bidder. It consists of 4 columns:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Bid Amount: on the first row, the amount would automatically generated with same amount as Minimum Bid.
silent auction template word
silent auction template word

It has 12 rows for bidders.


Silent Auction Bid Sheet Guaranteed Purchase

The table for recording the bid winner, along with the highest bid amount.

silent auction bid sheet form
silent auction bid sheet form



Using the silent auction bid sheet doc is simple. First, change the header. Enter the company name and insert logo. You can insert the logo by clicking the icon for the placeholder picture. If it do not works, you can insert it manually by going to Insert tab > Picture. After you insert picture, change the Wrap by right clicking it and select one. Position and resize it. After that, enter the auction date.

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On description, enter the closing time. Then enter the section case, the item name, ID, item details, value, minimum bid, and maximum bid. Enter the item donators name.

Since it is silent bid where the auctioneers write the paper manually, you can immediately print the silent auction bid sheet template Microsoft Word. silent auction template word is printable in A4 paper, portrait orientation. You can left the first bid amount blank as the first bidder can bid higher than minimum bid. After the event, you can use this template for database purpose.



It is an editable silent auction bid sheet. It use no formula, macros, or any complex method, so it simple to modify it. You only need to make small change into this template such as text font type, color, and size, adding picture, or such.

You change the orientation or paper size, you may need to adjust the column size. You can add watermark by going to Design tab > Watermark > Custom Watermark. To add page background, go to Design tab > Page Color > Fill Effect.

You can replace the header with your own organization header which contain the contact details. If the bidders are more than 12 or not enough row, you can edit by deleting the header and description, or change the number in the form table list. On the Form List, it is suggested to add additional columns, such as email.



This template could be used for any kind of auction, from garage auction into charity purpose. It designed for organizational, but you can modify and edit it for personal auction use.

The silent auction bid sheet can be downloaded here after you click:

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