mla outline template doc

MLA outline template is the word template for writing the outline in MLA (Modern Language Association) format. It can be used for anything. It can be outline template for research paper, thesis, or science journal articles. This template can be used for students or modified to professor on research or project.

Outline is a synopsis, summary of a written work. It can be used for define the plan if you use it for project outline.



On the right top, on header, enter the student’s last name. The page number will automatically generated. The MLA outline template has several elements:

MLA Outline Template Identity

Part to enter who done the essay assignment or whom paper it is. The Identity consist of these fields:

  • Student Name
  • Instructor Name: who give or should receive the paper. You can add the lecturer or instructor code if needed.
  • Course Number: the course ID or Name. It can be changed into the Science Journal name if it for research purpose.
  • Date: paper created or written on Date.
mla format template
mla format template

MLA Outline Template Content

It is for writing the summary from the overview paper or project plan. On the very top, it has Title and Subtitle. Current placeholder text content consists of hint, tips, and instruction on how to write paper using MLA format.

mla outline template doc
mla outline template doc

After the title and text paragraphs, it has the template for:


Each table should have the Table Number on top, then the Table Title below the Table Number. The table design style could be changed, however make sure that the table design is not too flashy because the paper should be formal.

Below the table, add the table source, where do you get the table. The source should include the author, journal or book taken from, and the pages.

mla outline template word
mla outline template word

Chart Title

Unlike table, Chart number is put under the chart picture, started with “Fig. (Number)”. After the number, it followed by chart title. You can add the chart title inside the chart too, and the figure title as description instead.

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Under the chart title, you can add source if needed. The writing on source should have author, journal or book, and pages too.


This citation is in content, along with the text. MLA outline template explain clearly how to write the citation paragraph or sentence, as well enter the source such as author name, book or journal, year, and sometimes pages. Unlike reference, the Citation is brief and shorter.


This is where you write used idea or supporting documents for creating the paper, mostly the full reference from citation source. The format to writing the reference can be seen inside the MLA outline template doc.

outline template for research paper
outline template for research paper



To use the MLA outline template, simply write or type in the placeholder text. Follow the rules and tips on the placeholder text to write a good outline.

If you want to add picture, go to Insert tab > Picture > navigate to picture location. After you insert the picture, follow the Figure writing format in Chart Title.

mla outline template
mla outline template

It is advised to add Section Heading for easier reading. The header started with number and the Section title in capital. If you add subheading, you can use numeric or different format.

Sample of numeric heading:

  1. Persian Carpet

1.1. History

1.2. Distribution

  1. Art Technique

Sample of different format headings:

Persian Carpet




Art Technique

Modifying MLA outline template word is possible. However, MLA format template is formal, it is not suggested to change the format even the text font, size, or color. You can make the text alignment to Justify through.



The MLA style specifies guidelines for formatting manuscripts and using the English language in writing. This template not only provide the section for MLA outline, but the tips and guide to write. This template could be for writing an essay.

To download MLA outline template, click one of the:

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