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This registration form template word is perfect for you who run job agency or company which is hiring. Like its name, the main purpose is to record the member, whether it is for job applicant or other membership. You can use this member registration form template word for any type of business or companies, like small credit cards.



There are some elements in registration form template word:

Applicant Information

For recording the member contact details. The fields are:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • SSN: person ID. For outside US, you can enter identification card ID.
  • Phone Number
  • Address, City, State, Zip Code
  • House Status: whether the member have owning or renting the house
  • Monthly Payment or Rent: the amount spent for rent or paying house taxes
  • How Long: the year length of house status.
free registration form templates
free registration form templates

Employment Information

For recording the member employment, job, or profession. The fields are:

  • Current Employer: the name of person who hire or the member’s boss.
  • Employer Address: the employer address. It can be changed into workplace address
  • Email, Phone and Fax Number: employer one, can be changed into workplace email, phone, and fax.
  • City, Sate, and Zip Code: workplace address
  • Position: The member job position in the company
  • Salary type: how the member paid, in hourly or monthly
  • Annual income: estimation or calculated income from the member.
printable registration form template
printable registration form template

Spouse Information

This is supposed as spouse information if you are doing joint membership.

However if you make the registration form template ms word as job applicant template, you can input this as spouse and children information.

member registration form template word
member registration form template word

The fields are all same with Applicant Information and Employment Information.


Enter who refer you to registering and becoming member. If it job applicant registration form template word, use it as who can recommend you to the job. The fields are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone

There are 3 columns for 3 referrals or recommendations.

sample registration forms template
sample registration forms template

Children If Privileges Desired

This is for children information so they could feel the benefit of the membership. For job applicant, enter the children status instead.

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The fields are simply for names. You may modify this section by adding more details for children, such as age, birthdate, and such.


It has fields for member name and sign, as well Date of signing. It has same fields for spouse for joint membership. By signing this, the member has been agreed with terms.

registration form template word
registration form template word



To use registration form template word simply input the record into the provided fields. You add header to the form, including logo, name, and contact details of your company.

You can change the text color, font type, and font size.

The printable registration form template can be printed blank for manual writing. It set on A4 paper.



Modifying this free registration form templates is easy, as you only need to make small change into this template such as font, adding picture, or such.

Aside for job application, you can use and modify this employee registration form template word as other registration form, such as club membership or such.

Additionally, you can add UI feature into this form, such as radio button, drop down menu, or checkbox. To add it, you will need Developer tab. Open the Developer tab by going to File > Options. On appeared window, choose Customized Ribbons, and tick the Developer tab before click OK.

On the Developer tab > Controls Group, insert the feature. Each feature has different method to use, so you may need skills in creating UI to use this tool. Open the developer kit for more information. You can add macros as well.

You can add watermark by going to Design tab > Watermark > Custom Watermark.



You can use this template as membership program to your company, such as credit card program. You can take a look at this sample registration forms template for creating your own registration form.

You can download registration form template word after you click:

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