family tree excel template

If you have school project or need to record your family tree for inheritance, try this family tree template excel. The family tree template excel can help you in recording the family ancestors or descendants. The family tree template excel can be used to determine the bloodline for your characters in storytelling or writing.

family tree excel template
family tree excel template

The family tree excel template provide 5 generation. However, you can modify and add more generation up to 10 generation family tree template excel.



There are several menus here, but we divide the menus into 2 types:

Family Tree Menu

The menu for displaying the family tree in vertical chart, like organizational chart. There is Details button, which if you click it will navigate you to Details menu.

family tree template excel with siblings
family tree template excel with siblings

Details Menu

The menus for displaying the details of the family tree. There are 7 Details sheets: Parents family (including 4th and 5th generation), Paternal and Maternal families (3rd and 4th generation), Paternal and Maternal Grandparents families, and so on.

The Details menu consist of the parents details on header, and children details on footer.

Like you see in the picture below, the mother has the name field. Above the name field, there is button for maternal parents. If clicked, it will switch to maternal family sheet. It has photos, birth date and death date. Below the parents fields, there is notes field for comments or description (marriage date, marriage status, etc).

excel genealogy spreadsheet
excel genealogy spreadsheet

Below the notes, on the footer is Children table. The children table consist of pictures, names, relationship (son, daughter, step children, etc), birth date and location, death date and location.

10 generation family tree template excel
10 generation family tree template excel



First open the Family Tree menu. Rename family name, the placeholder “Smith – Jensen” text.

On each bar, rename the placeholder name, e.g. Samantha Smith.

After renaming, click the Details button. You will switched to one of Details menu.

On Details menu, swap the placeholder pictures. On Parents field, the name is automatically generated. Enter the birth date and location, the Death date and location, and Notes.

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On Children table, manually change the relationship, add the birth date and location, as well Death date and location.

Click Back to Tree button to Family Tree menu, or Father or Mother Parents to go to their Details menu.



Currently, there are no sibling displayed on family tree. You can add family tree template excel with siblings. Follow these instructions to do that.

  1. Copy one of the character field into another row in same columns. (E.g. Samantha Smith bar). Rename the bar.
  2. Still selecting the character field, change the field ID name (e.g. SecondChild). See picture below to find the field ID bar.
excel family tree template 7 generations
excel family tree template 7 generations
  1. Link the name character. Go to the right Detail page. Select the correspondence name in Children table. On formula bar, input the field ID (e.g. =SecondChild).
  2. Do this for the rest of the children bar.


If you want to add more generation (upper or lower), follow this instruction for excel family tree template 7 generations:

  1. Copy the character fields. Arrange them into one single generation column. Change the color or add the line for lineage.
  2. Create or copy one of the Details Sheet. Rename the Sheet.
  3. Still on Family Tree menu, copy the Details button picture. Place it on middle of each family couple.
  4. Relink the Details button. To do this, right-click the button and select Edit Link. On the dialog box, select Placed in This Documents. Select the Sheet Name or Field ID. Click OK.
  5. On newly created Details Sheet, add the Parents tables. Add the button picture for Paternal or Maternal parents and re-link it following 4th step.
  6. Add Child tables and edit the Details.



family tree template excel is easy to use. You only need to change the placeholder names or pictures.

The family tree template excel can easily modified. You can use it for excel genealogy spreadsheet, history subject, or storyline purpose.

You can download family tree template excel after clicking one of these buttons:

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