free editable baby shower invitation cards

Today, we are introducing baby shower invitations boy template. This is the word template for invitation to baby shower party. The baby shower is celebration the birth of a child, usually 7 or 8 months pregnant. It can be the celebration for transformation between a woman into a mother. The celebration is by presenting gifts to the mother at a party and served cake by the host.



Because baby shower invitations boy template is invitation cards, instead of menu we call it design.

On the top, there is placeholder picture and greetings word.

baby shower invitations boy
baby shower invitations boy

Long scroll to the middle there is placeholder name for the expected baby name.

baby boy shower invitation wording
baby boy shower invitation wording

On the bottom, there are some fields for entering the guest and party details:

  • Nursery colors: nursery party color or theme. Can be preferred as dress code color.
  • Registered at: the store name that the parents registered at. The registered store will provide the gifts.
  • RSVP by: the reservation date
  • [Name] at [phone]: the name and phone of the invited guest
  • Date: the baby shower party date
  • Time: the party time
  • Location: the party location.
baby shower invitations for word templates
baby shower invitations for word templates



It is simple to use baby shower invitations boy. You only need to replace the placeholder pictures and or replace the baby boy shower invitation wording.

On top picture, you may replace the picture with the mother’s belly bump, parents picture, or fetus USG photo. To replace the picture, right click > Change Picture > From a File. Then navigate to picture file. Replace the placeholder name into the expected baby boy name. Then, enter the baby shower invitations boy provided field for guest and party details.

unique boy baby shower invitations
unique boy baby shower invitations

Next, you can print or send it to your guest. Since it’s card, print it small to size of cellphone or invitation card.



There are lots of way to turning the template into more unique boy baby shower invitations card. You can change the font style and the color to more relaxing font type. After you insert a picture, you can edit it in format tab. Edit the photos by change the saturation, recolor, and picture style, as well added style. It is recommended to compress the picture to avoid large file size.

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To add border to the card, go to Design tab > Page Background > Page Borders. After you click it, a dialog box will appear. Go to Page Border tab. Select one of the setting. Change the style of border art, the color, width, and customize the border space.

To change the page color background, go to Design tab > Page Color. Select the color. If you want to add background picture, in Page Color select Fill Effects. In the dialog box, select Texture for provided background picture or Picture tab for manually insert picture. In Picture tab, click Select a Picture button and navigate to the picture location.

NOTE: the picture displayed in same size. You cannot resize it. If you want to change the picture size, resize it in Photoshop or picture first before adding to this baby shower invitations boy template.

You can turn the baby shower invitations for word templates into other template, such as baby birthday invitation card or one month celebration party.

It is simple to modify free editable baby shower invitation cards, as it more focused for design rather than formulas or function like Excel and Access template.



In this this example, we turning the card into printable elephant baby shower invitations.

free editable baby shower invitation cards
free editable baby shower invitation cards

First, change the orientation into landscape.Then, we add elephant picture as background. We change the font color and style to make the text more visible.


This template is easy to use and modify. It has no function and focus on the aesthetic, so knowledge in design will be a plus for modifying this template.

This template purpose is for multiple print, so after you enter one, simply change the name in the next page.

Baby shower invitations boy can be downloaded after click:

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