employee certificate templates for word

Today is the template for employee gift certificate template. This employee gift certificate is the gift card rewards for specific employee for their work, recognition, birthday, or such. Mostly, the company partnered with other company for gift card, fox example gift for discount in certain restaurant. Even through the main purpose is supposed for employee, you may turn this gift certificate templates for other purpose, e.g. for customer voucher rewards, winning gift awards, discount ticket, or even lottery tickets.

gift certificate template
gift certificate template



There are 3 pieces of gift certificate in a page. The gift certificate is separated by invisible table. Employee gift certificate template has 3 main items:

Employee Gift Certificate Template Picture

The picture is supposed for the gift illustration. If employee gift certificate template is for clothes, then the picture should be clothing too. It can be the brand which the company partnered to.

gift certificate templates
gift certificate templates

Gift Certificate Template Header

There are two fields:

  • Company Name: your company name, which employee is given certificate.
  • Gift Name: the name of the gift certificate voucher, such as 15% discount on [Brand Name].

Employee Gift Certificate Template Details

employee certificate templates for word
employee certificate templates for word

For recording the gift details. The fields are:

  • Presented to: employee name. Could be the whole team or department name if the employees are too many.
  • Date: date the gift given. You can add validation or expiry date here.
  • Group: which group or team where the employee(s) belong to.
  • Department: which division or department where the employee(s) belong to.
  • Issued by: the person in charge with this employee gift. It can be partnered brand name too.



It is simple to use employee certificate templates for word. You only need to fill the blank field or replace placeholder text and pictures.

To change the picture, select the picture first. Right click and select Change Picture > From a File. Then, navigate to your picture location and click OK. You can resize the picture, but be careful not to affect other field table.

Then replace the placeholder header text with your company name and gift card name. Then, enter the Details field. Do this for next 2 pieces.

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gift certificate template word free download
gift certificate template word free download

If you want to add background design, you can add the design from picture, pattern or texture. To do this, go to Design > Page Color > Fill Effects. On dialog box Choose texture or pattern tab, then choose of the provided pattern. You can upload your own texture too. It is easier to do, but the design result may be different and not same with other card pieces. So, it is advised to use neutral pattern.



The employee certificate template is easy to modify.

If you want to change the border color, go to Design tab > Color, then select one of the provided color. You can change the font type, color, and size. However, be careful with font size as it may affect other field size. Remember, the gift certificate using tables.

As mentioned earlier, you can turn employee certificate template into voucher rewards or ticket. You may delete some detail fields to adjust with the edited template.



Here is the example of editable employee certificate template with clothing promotion:

editable employee certificate template
editable employee certificate template



Gift certificate template word free to download and easy to use and modify. It has no function and focus on the aesthetic, so knowledge in design will be a plus for modifying this template. However, it going to be tiring to edit the picture background as it need to match the table. It is advised to match the table with picture background instead.

The template is highly advised to be printed in glossy or higher paper type instead of normal, A4 paper. The template is set on A4 size in portrait. Since the template is in tables, it may be messy and troublesome to turn it to landscape, through it is possible to. The same happen if you decide to change the paper margin.

The employee gift certificate template can be downloaded after click:

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