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If you have trouble with time keeping, let us introduce you to timesheet template. This template purpose is for recording the employee work time. This is for reporting only, since it is not for calculating the work time or determining if the employee late or not. The reporting result can be analyzed for employee KPI or employee discipline ethic. It can be used for scheduling the job or task.



The time-sheet template has these 5 elements:

Time Sheet period

For recording the time sheet date period. Enter the period weekly.

monthly timesheet template
monthly timesheet template

Company Details

Fields for entering the company name and details.

timesheet template word
timesheet template word

Employee Details

Table for entering the employee name and details. The fields are:

  • Employee Names
  • Employee Number or ID
  • Department: the employee division
  • Title: the employee position
  • Status: the employee active or warning status
  • Supervisor: the senior or higher titled employee who supervise the employee work.

Time Sheet Table

weekly timesheet template
weekly timesheet template

The table for entering the time sheet details. The fields are:

  • Date: the work date. One day for one date only.
  • Start Time: the work time. It can be used as absence tapping time
  • End Time: the end of work time. It can be used as tapping out time.
  • Regular Hours: the working hour accumulated at that day in the working time. So if the employee late or out early, the working hours will be low.
  • Overtime Hours: the working hour accumulated at the day outside the working time.
  • Total Hours: the total of working hours in that day.

There are 7 rows, meaning that this timesheet template is for weekly.

Approval Field

The field for signatures from the Employee and Supervisor for the employee work in simple timesheet template approval. It has Date field for the approval date too.



Using the timesheet template word is easy. All you need to do is fill the provided blank or placeholder field.

On the top right, enter the time sheet period. Because there are 7 days, enter the first date and last date.

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Next enter the company name and details. Then, enter the employee table details.

daily timesheet template
daily timesheet template

Then, input the work hours and date in weekly timesheet template. The grand total row is not automatically generated, so you must manually calculate and input them.

You can let the approval field blank for printing and manual sign.

simple timesheet template
simple timesheet templates



The timesheet template is free to modify. If you want to turn it for monthly timesheet template, simply add more rows for all work time date in the month. If in the month there are 20 working days, then make it 20 rows. You can separate each weeks too.

To turn it into daily timesheet template, you can use the Period time into Date time. In the Time Sheet table, you can delete the Date table. The Start and End Time can be turned into Shift time. The rest of the column can be used for describing the work done.

You may delete the Company Details section and add the company header instead. If it possible, you can change the employee from the details into the time sheet table. You can turn add new column for signing for each employee.

You can change the timesheet template design. To insert pictures into this template, simply go to Insert > Picture. To change the background, on Page Layout > Page Color > Fill effect then choose the desired options. You can add watermark too by going to Page Layout > Watermark > Custom Watermark. Next, design your own watermark.



This template is free and easy to use and modify. You only need to input the provided space. The time sheet is set on A4 Paper in Portrait orientation. Further modifying may turn it into Landscape.

You can use this template for entering the time sheet data or print it blank and manually write it. You can use it for any kind of job, from small to big company. The timesheet template is free to download after you click:

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