simple project plan template

Introducing project management plan template. Project management plan template is actually for financial planning. This simple project plan template can be used for budgeting in small to medium company. The project plan template excel 2016 is perfect for software house or event organizer.

simple project plan template
simple project plan template



Project management plan template has 4 sheets:

Source of Project Cost

Menu for recording the budget for each and overall project phase. The task for this budget is non-constant, or one time only. However, the task is essential for the project. Example include Cost for develop system architecture.

project management plan template
project management plan template

There are 5 budget types in this menu:

  • Design: task related with designing the system or project
  • Development: task related with develop and creating the project objective (e.g. application).
  • Delivery: task related with delivering or implementing the project with customer.
  • Management: task related with communicating and reporting with other stakeholders
  • Other Cost: task that is not match in previous types.

On the subtotal, there is a row for risk cost.

You can use this menu to create project management dashboard excel.

Expenditure Over Time

Menu for recording the budget in project. Unlike previous menu, this budget task is constant and sometimes may be unexpected but less important task. E.g. fuel.

project plan template excel 2016
project plan template excel 2016

There are 5 types too:

  • Installation: providing the system or materials for the projects
  • Planning (RFP): planning task that regarding with proposal request
  • Planning 2: planning task regarding creation of proposal
  • Construction: task that related with designing or developing the project.
  • Test & Delivery: task related with delivering, implementation, and testing the project result.

However, these types are placeholder and can be replaced with other type name. You can add new type.

Because this is unexpected and require date, you may enter the same task again, with different time and purpose.

Data Worksheet

Menu for recording planned and actual monthly cost over months. This menu has no connection with both menus above. There are 4 columns:

  • Projected Monthly Cost: for planned cost
  • Actual Monthly Cost: for actual cost monthly
  • Project Cumulative Cost: for cumulative amount for planned budget.
  • Actual Cumulative Cost: for cumulative amount for actual budget.
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project timeline template excel
project timeline template excel

If you want to add new cost, just insert new row instead continuing in new blank row.

Cumulative Project Costs Chart

Display the chart of cost type in Data Worksheet. The charts are:

  • Monthly Cost: comparing projected with actual cost
  • Cumulative Cost: comparing cumulative projected with cumulative actual cost.
project management dashboard excel
project management dashboard excel



To use project management plan template excel, simply enter the provided fields. On Source of Project Cost menu, enter these columns:

  • Labor Hours: time spent for the task
  • Labor Cost: cost for personnel who done the task.
  • Material Cost: cost for buying and using the material for task
  • Travel Cost: for traveling or transportation during task.
  • Other Cost: additional or unexpected cost regarding the task

On Expenditure Over Time, enter the cost for each task. Then, the date of the cost and reason for it, since this menu supposed for unexpected cost.

On Data Worksheet, you must manually enter the data. This is because the amount is supposed for cost summary in each month during the project period. Meanwhile, the Source and Expenditure menu is supposed for overall project.

On cumulative column, you may enter the formula like this:


E5 is supposed for the first row in cumulative field. @[PROJECTED MONTHLY COST] supposed to the second amount in that column.

The Chart menu will automatically display the charts. It can display project timeline template excel for budgeting.



Project management plan template is easy to use or modify. Before modifying it, you may need knowledge about Project Management template. Mostly the modifying only change the task and the formula used for calculation. The formula are simple summary or subtractions.

Project management plan template is totally targeting the project financial planning. You can enter the actual cost and compare them.

To download project management plan template, click on of these buttons:

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