fillable generic personal financial statement

If you need help in accounting, personal financial statement excel can help you. The main purpose of personal financial statement excel is to record your financial income statement. Personal financial statement excel can be used personally, for small companies, or helping student in accounting task. Personal financial statement excel can be used for any business industry.

fillable generic personal financial statement
fillable generic personal financial statement



There is only one menu in personal financial statement worksheet. The sheet or menu called Income Statement. There are description name and amount in each field rows.

Like accountancy principles, the personal financial statement excel format has 4 functions:

1. Revenue: According to Investopedia website, Revenue is “the amount of money that a company actually receives during a specific period, including discounts and deductions for returned merchandise. It is the “top line” or “gross income” figure from which costs are subtracted to determine net income.”

personal financial statement excel format
personal financial statement excel format

Revenue is simply the amount gain from the sales. Revenue is top line or gross amount from sales. Income considered as net amount after COGS or any expenses. You can more consider it as profit or loss. The revenue is recorded in credit.

2. Cost of Goods Sold: the cost issued by company (or personally) to create or produce the goods into the distribution. This is including material cost, service cost, labor cost, shipping or distribution cost, etc. COGS recorded in debit.

personal financial statement worksheet
personal financial statement worksheet

3. Expenses: the issued cost that is not directly attributable with the sold goods. Because of that, expenses is not directly “produce” goods, even through they contribute to the operational processes. Unlike COGS, the expenses is constant in every period, have expiring time (e.g. rent for only one month), and is one side of the company. E.g. rent, tuition, fuel, etc.

free financial statement template
free financial statement template

In accountancy, expenses recorded in debit.

4. Other Income: the income gained not from Revenue (#1). It is tend to be not constant (through some are constant). It not considered and come from main revenue, and considered as side or additional income. E.g. tax income, deposit income, etc. Like revenue, other income records in credit.

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On the fillable personal financial statement header, enter the company name and period.

The fillable generic personal financial statement template has provide some accountancy attributes. You only need to enter the amount in each row. The template will automatically calculate the totals in each function and the net income.

All the functions have blue shading in their field to distinguish with normal rows. There is no Debit or Credit columns in this template, following income statement setting in accountancy.

For personal use, this function may be skipped unless you self-create and sell the goods.

You can add another function if that exists. Aside of function, you can add your own attributes by inserting between rows. You may need to adjust the formula and calculations which is easy to do.

If you want to add negative number, enter the amount in brackets or minus sign. You cannot add negative amount in Revenue due to validation.

You can change currency by selecting the amount or numeric fields or columns. Then, on Home tab > number group > click the icon with Dollar ($) sign > More Accounting Format. On the dialog box, select Category: Accounting and choose the appropriate currency in Symbol field.



The free financial statement template is printable in A4 paper with Portrait format. You can use it for manually writing. You can redesign the interface into more interactive and aesthetic or simply adding company logo or header.

To use it, all you need to do is fill the blank fields.

Due to its low complexity, it is easy to modify personal financial statement excel. All you need is edit the field row and the formula in Totals.

For further use, you can turning and integrate the personal financial statement excel with other template. E.g. accounting adjustment template or balance sheet template.

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