employee expense report template

Expense report excel purpose is for recording the expense amounts. The expense report excel can be used for reporting the accounting balance sheet. The expense report excel is perfect for accounting division in small to medium company or even personal financial reports. You can use expense report excel template for any business industry or type.

employee expense report template
employee expense report template



Expense sheets for small business has several menus, but there are 2 types:

Year Trends Menu

The menu to show the summarized expense reports in a year. The summarized report is displayed in table chart and graphic charts. There are 3 elements in this menus:

1. Table Chart

The table chart is automatically generated and calculated. The data come from the Total Expenses in all monthly detail menus. There are 5 types of expenses, as compliance with the categories number in Details menu.

expense report excel template
expense report excel template

2. Trends Chart

The bar chart to display the statistic from Table Charts. There are 12 bars in each categories, where each bar represent each months. There are 3 color symbols: red on the lowest expense, blue for normal or in between expense and green for highest expense. If the expenses are all in constant, it will display the charts in red symbol and same height.

monthly expense report template excel
monthly expense report template excel

3. Statistic chart

It is almost like Trends charts. Statistic chart totally display the amount axis and sorted in monthly rather that expense category.

expense sheets for small business
expense sheets for small business


Monthly Expense Report Template Menu

The menu for recording the details of expenses for each month. There are 12 menus provided in this template for every month.

monthly expense report template
monthly expense report template

There are 5 categories in the menu.

On the top of the expenses tables, there is totals field for summarizing all expenses.

The details table following the Accounting Ledger format, minus the Debit and Credit. This is because the expense report excel totally focused on expense only, which all in Debit. The details table consist of:

1. Date: when the expense is issued on. The Date format is MM/DD (e.g. 1/8).

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2. PO#: the account ID or expenses ID.

3. Supplier/Description: the title or description of each expenses.

4. Amount: the expenses amount in each row. Because there is no Debit or Credit, you can assume this is Debit columns.

5. Subtotal: Total for each category amounts.



Open Year Trends menu first. On Expense Trends Title menu, enter the period (year). You can add company logo, details, or contacts on the header.

Switch to Monthly menu. Replace the Expense Category Name. Then on the details table, enter the Date, PO#, Description, and Amount. Fill the tables for every months menu.

If you want to add new row, you can insert it between the expenses.

If you want to add new expenses category, you can copy one of the category and the table. Don’t forget to update the Total Summary on formula bar.

Next, go to Year Trends menu. You will see that the amount will automatically generated, as well the Trends chart and statistic chart.

If you previously add new category, insert the new column for new category in Year Trends. Then, relink each fields in the row with the amount in Monthly menu. To relink, simply click a field. Then, press equals (=) and navigate to Category Subtotal amount field. Press enter. Copy the Bar Trends by drag it to the new category column. Select Statistic Chart, you may notice the colorful outline in table chart. Drag them until new category column is selected too.



Monthly expense report template excel is medium to modify, due to the relink and chart adjustment. It’s not hard, but totally tiring to do modify.

Employee expense report template is set to be printable in A4 paper, Year Trends in landscape while Monthly menu in Portrait. You can redesign the expense report excel interface into more interactive and aesthetic or simply adding company logo or header.

You can download expense report excel after clicking this button:

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