pink and gold baby shower invitations

After the boy version, this time we show you the baby shower invitations girl version. This is totally same, only because this is for girl, the design supposed to be cuter and more feminine. The baby shower is almost like bridal shower tradition, only this is for baby and the gifts are supposed to be baby related. It can be use as baby announcement card too.



Like boy version, baby shower invitations girl template has same 3 main design.

On the top, there is placeholder picture and greetings word. The greeting word can be used to announce baby gender.

baby shower invitations girl
baby shower invitations girl

Long scroll to the middle there is placeholder name for the expected baby name.

On the bottom, there are some fields for entering the guest and party details:

  • Nursery colors: nursery party color or theme. Can be preferred as dress code color.
  • Registered at: the store name that the parents registered at. The registered store will provide the gifts.
  • RSVP by: the reservation date
  • [Name] at [phone]: the name and phone of the invited guest
  • Date: the baby shower party date
  • Time: the party time
  • Location: the party location.
baby girl shower invitation wording
baby girl shower invitation wording

Due to the rules, most of the guest will be female close friends and supposed for small party.



It is as simple as boy version to use baby shower invitations girl. Replace the placeholder pictures by right click > Change Picture > From a File. Then navigate to picture file.

Next, enter the name into the placeholder text. Enter the baby shower invitations girl card guest name and party details. Change the text color, size, and font style to be more playful and relaxed. We change it into pink and gold baby shower invitations theme:

pink and gold baby shower invitations
pink and gold baby shower invitations

Or you can left the placeholder text blank and manually write it after printing.

To print in mass amount, go to Print Setup. On Page per Sheet, change it to two or four page per sheets.



You change the orientation to landscape.

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Edit the picture by select it then go to the format tab. You can change the saturation, recolor, and picture style, as well adding style and border. Don’t forget to compress the picture to avoid large file size.

To add border to the card, go to Design tab > Page Background > Page Borders. On Page Border tab. Select one of the setting. Change the style of border art or color style.

At this moment, it is impossible to add customize border. If you want to add customize one, you can:

  1. add it as picture. It is more recommended because it has no resizing problem like background picture.
  2. add it to background. This means that you must edit the picture before inserting it into word.

To change the page color background, go to Design tab > Page Color. You can add solid color, pattern or texture, and picture background. To add pattern and picture, in Page Color select Fill Effects. In the dialog box, select Texture, pattern or Picture tab for manually insert picture. In Picture tab, click Select a Picture button and navigate to the picture location. The texture and pattern picture is provided, but you can insert customize texture too which is the same way as to insert background picture.

NOTE: the picture displayed in same size. You cannot resize it. If you want to change the picture size, resize it in Photoshop or picture first before adding to this baby shower invitations girl template.

It is more recommended to insert the picture as texture to avoid resizing issue.

You can turn the cute baby shower invitations into birthday invitation or other celebration cards.



Here are some design example of the card in tutu baby shower invitations templates card:

tutu baby shower invitations templates
tutu baby shower invitations templates


Other example: baby shower invitations girl flowers:

baby shower invitations girl flowers
baby shower invitations girl flowers


This template purpose for invitation cards. It is multipurpose for any less formal celebration or small party.

You can download baby shower invitations girl template after you click:

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