homeschool annual assessment sample

The homeschool progress report is the document to record the home schooled students work, assignment, and grade mark. Even through it targeted for home-schooled person, it can actually be used for other assessment, such as cram school course assignment or such.


There is only one sheet in this home-school progress report. It has 3 elements:

  1. Details: table for recording the students details information. The fields are:
  • Student Name
  • Age
  • Grade (Class)
  • Teacher Name

    homeschool progress report forms
    homeschool progress report forms
  1. Term Result: table for recording the terms information. The fields are:
  • Term Start: the period when the term or curriculum start
  • Term Ends: the period time when the end of year progress report template
  • Total term marks possible: the total of maximum marks that can be reached on this term. This is autogenerated field total from Mark (total) row fields.
  • Total Mark scored this term: the total of marks gained by students from this term. This is auto generated field from total score gain by the student in all subjects.
  • Overall Marks: the percentage of success from the scored mark. Auto generated, from the calculation between scored mark with maximum marks field.

    homeschool annual progress report
    homeschool annual progress report
  1. Subject field: the table for recording the subjects and their assignments and the results. The fields are:
  • Subject Name
  • Assignment Number: currently, there are 5 assignments columns for each subject. All has same weight.
  • Due date: the due date for the assignment
  • Marks (total): the maximum mark that can be achieved in an assignment.
  • Mark Scored: the score gained by the student in the assignment.
  • Marks to date: the columns for calculating the total maximum marks and current score total.
  • Subject Total: the field for calculating the mark percentage for this subject.

Currently there are 9 subject fields on this homeschool progress report template.

homeschool annual assessment sample
homeschool annual assessment sample


It is optional, but you can add header into homeschool progress report forms. This header may contains institution name, contact details, and logo.

On Details, enter the student name, age, grade or class, and teacher name. Additionally, you can add field for student and teacher ID. For cram school, you may add school name.

Next, enter the term start and term ends in term result table. Skip the rest of the fields in term result table.

end of year progress report template
end of year progress report template

On Subject table, enter the subject name. On assignment columns, enter the Due date, the total marks for the assignment, and score taken from the student.

You can add more columns for assignment. You may need to refine the formula.

homeschool end of year report
homeschool end of year report

If you want to add more tables for subject, you can do that by copy and paste one of the field. Then, you must refine the formula by adding the fields name in term result table. This homeschool progress report is simple, the formula used is only summary and simple math.

Sometimes, the weighting for each assignment for this homeschool annual progress report may be different. To do that, you can change the formula to calculate the result. Or, you can set the Maximum mark in Marks (total) field lower than 100, adjusting with the course or assignment weight.

It can be used for homeschool end of year report or monthly report.

The home-school progress report can be printed in landscape orientation. The template itself come to 2 pages, depends on how many the subject tables are. To change the report themes, go to Page Layout > Themes or Color.

If you still having difficulties in using this template, we provide the homeschooling annual assessment sample. You can follow the sample to use it.


This template targeted for homeschool teacher or institution. Cram school, private teacher, or even small school institution still can use this template. It supposed for annual template, but can be used manually. You can add exam score here, if you don’t mind calculating about weighting formula.

This template can be used right away, or can be used as sample to integrate with other school system.

You can download home school progress report for free after click:

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