postcard template word

If you want alternative way to invite a person, try this postcard template word. Even through the main purpose is for sending invitation, you can as well send small notes or send greetings too. In each page, there are 2 postcard template for each cover and details. There are two elements in postcard template word.



Postcard Template Word Cover

The Cover is the back of the postcard. You enter the event name and insert the illustration picture for the event here. It has the tagline for the event too.

postcard template word
postcard template word


Postcard Template Word Details

Where you enter the invitation details. These detail fields are:

5x7 postcard template for word
5×7 postcard template for word
  • Company: who host the event. If it personal use, type the host name instead.
  • Address: the location of the company, which used for the event too.
  • Date: the date of the event
  • Time: event time
  • Telephone: the host phone number for contact information
  • Email: the host email for contact information
  • You Logo Here: the placeholder picture for sign.
  • Recipient Name: the name of invited guest or postcard receiver.
  • Recipient Address: the location of the recipient residence or company address.



Using the free postcard template is simple. You only have to replace the placeholder text.

First on cover, replace the picture and enter the event name. To replace picture, select the picture and right click > Change Picture > From Computer. Navigate to the picture location and choose OK to replace the picture. It is suggested to replace it with vertical picture like the placeholder one.

microsoft word postcard template 4 per page
Microsoft word postcard template 4 per page

To change background shading, select the cells, then go to Design tab (for table) > Fill Color.

Next on Details, enter the host name in Company and the host Address. Enter the Date and Time for the event. If the event location is differ, you may state or type the event location address.

On below, enter the telephone, email, and signed picture. On Recipient note, enter their name and address. Through not necessary, you may enter their phone number and email as well.

You can copy it for the second template.

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You can print it. This is set for 5×7 postcard template for word, back and front of the paper. Suggested to print in glossy and thicker paper for card. If you need too, you can add stamp on top right at recipient notes.

You can use it for digital sending too.



It simple to edit Microsoft word postcard template 4 per page.

You may notice that the word is same and following the first top template. If you want to print different postcard, you want to avoid this. Block the placeholder text in second bottom template the right click > Remove Content Control.

This template is created by using tables. To edit, you may display the table border for easier look. You can turn it into blank postcard template before change it for greetings postcard. The free printable postcard template is set for A4 portrait paper. If you change the orientation, it may change the 5×7 size. So be careful in editing the size.



Here is the example for creation using this postcard template word. The first one is the anniversary party invitation. We change the Company into location name as the host has introduce their name in Cover.

free printable postcard template
free printable postcard template


In Details, we add Dress Code for the party. We left the sign in the code instead since it is intend for manual sign. Next is the example for greeting postcard. We totally change the text format into greetings, while the sign remains intact. In Recipient address, we include the placeholder for stamp. The back cover remains same. Additionally, we set the indentation between the notes and recipient address so it won’t be too narrow.

blank postcard template
blank postcard template



The template can be used for printing or digital sending. For printing, you may need to position and resizing if you change the template size. You can use the postcard template for sending greetings, invitation, or event bare notes.

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