independent contractor invoice template word

The contractor invoice template is purposed for recording the invoice for contractor service. The invoice can be used for billing the customer or client for the work done. This template can be used for any type of contractors.



The contractor invoice template has several elements:

Contractor Invoice Template Header

The header consists of brief company logo and slogans. On top right, it has Invoice statement, the Invoice Date, and Invoice ID or number.

independent contractor invoice template word
independent contractor invoice template word

Below the Invoice, there are 2 columns. [To] is for the client contacts, while [Ship To] is to whom and address for the ship. The fields are same in both columns:

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Address Street
  • Address City, State, and Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Customer ID

You can add customer Email and Fax Number for more details.

Contractor Invoice Template Salesperson

The tables to enter who is the sales or responsible person for this sales invoice. The fields are:

  • Salesperson Name (or ID)
  • Job: position
  • Shipping method: if the materials have to be shipped
  • Shipping term: shipping type or regulations
  • Delivery date: the estimation of the item come. If it consultation or service, enter the estimation time the work finished.
  • Payment terms: enter the payment regulations here.
  • Due Date: enter the Date when the payment should be received.
contractor invoice template word
contractor invoice template word

Contractor Invoice Template Word Detail

The part to enter the details, summary of the work, along with pricing. Aside for consctruction service, it can be used for construction material and personnel fees. The fields are:

  • Quantity
  • Item ID: could be item name
  • Item Description: could be what or how the item used for construction
  • Unit Price: price per one unit, or estimation for one job
  • Discount
  • Line Total: after being calculated with quantity, unit price, and discount.

Below the details, it has summary price. The fields are:

  • Total Discount and Line Total
  • Total Due: after subtracted with Discount
  • Sales Tax: the tax rate or amount for the work
  • Total: after being calculated with sales.
construction invoice example
construction invoice example


Unlike most template, the contractor invoice template have the company contact details on the bottom. This contact details can be used for independent contractor invoice template word. The fields are:

  • Company Name: put on the line before and after the Thank You heading.
  • Street Address
  • City, State, and Zip Code Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email
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First, replace the logo placeholder by right clicking the placeholder picture > Change Picture. Then, navigate to the logo location in your computer. Resize and adjust it. Next, add your company slogan, enter the Invoice ID and Date.

Enter who is your client and their address, and the shipping address. You can replace the shipping address as the billing address. Then, fill the table on salesperson from your employee and details from the work. Because it has no formula or any programming to calculate the invoice, you must calculate the totals manually.

Lastly, enter the company details in closing footer.

free printable contractor invoice
free printable contractor invoice

You can send the invoice digitally, or print it blank for manual writing.



You can turn the contact details into top of the page. Because it is not using any formula or macros, it is easy to modify. The changes mostly text font, size, or color.

This template can be turned into any kind of template, for example manufacturing, retail, or consultant invoice template word. It perfect for small to big business.

To add watermark, simply go to Design tab > Watermark > Custom Watermark.

The free printable contractor invoice is set on A4 paper. If you change the paper size, you may need to adjust the columns size.



Here the construction invoice example, in Details:

consultant invoice template word
consultant invoice template word

You can use this template and collaborate it with another templates, Sales database. Despite its name for contractor, this template actually universal. It can be used in any kind of business, from small to big company.

The contractor invoice template can be downloaded after you click:

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