billing statement template word

The billing statement template word is a template for creating the for billing statement transaction report using microsoft word. The billing statement form can be used periodic report from a company to their customer about their recent transactions, which in end of billing cycle. You can use the it for small to medium retail or credit card company, or even for partner company.



Billing statement template word has several elements:

Billing Statement Template Word Header

The title for Billing Statement. On right side, there is Date field and Statement Number or ID field.

Billing Statement Template Word Company

The address of your company. The fields are Company Name, Address (street, city, Zip Code), phone and fax numbers, and emails.

billing statement template word
billing statement template word

Billing Statement Template Word Customer

The address for your customer. The fields are all same with Company.

Billing Statement Template Word Tables

The details about the transactions. The fields are Date, Description, Balance, and Amount. You may add table for invoice ID if it consists of multiple Invoices.

Below the tables is row for AR aging. It includes: Current Due, 1-30 Days, 31-60 Days, 61-90 Days, and over 90 Days Past Due and Amount Due.

free printable invoice templates
free printable invoice templates

Remittance Slips

Slips for informing the supplier of the payment of their invoice or bill. The fields are Statement ID, Date, Amount Due and Amount Enclosed. It has Company Logo and Slogan. The fields are repeated with all previous menu because it intended to be separated.

free printable billing statements
free printable billing statements



First, add Billing Date and Statement Number on header field.

Next on Company, enter the input the Company Name and the contact details. Do the same with Billing address or company.

On the table input all transaction Date. You can enter the items or Invoice ID in Description column. Enter the Amount and the Balance from the transactions. The amount supposed for one row description, while Balance is supposed for additional calculation from previous amount.

Next, calculate and write the aging. However, you must define your own outstanding day, as well the past due amount.

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On Remittance slips, enter all fields. After you print it, you can cut the remittance slip to send it to your customer. To change the company logo, select and right click > Change Picture > From a File, then navigate it to picture location.

You can print it blank too, and write the amount manually.

You can use the AR aging for AR Aging report or forecasting.



Because it use no formula or macros, it is easy to modify. The changes mostly text font, size, or color.

You can change the design to be more aesthetic. To change color, go to Design tab > Color > Select Color. You can change the text font type, size, or color. To add watermark, simply go to Design tab > Watermark > Custom Watermark. You can add Picture or Text Watermark. To add background, add go to Page Color instead in Design tab. You can add picture or pattern.

Additionally, you can change the Statement header with your own company header and logo.

On Remittance Slips, you can add company contact details since it will be cut and sent to the customers.

If the billing is not included aging term, you can delete the balance, AR aging columns and rows, as well remittance slips with company sign. So, it can be used for invoicing too.



For medical billing statement template word example, in the Billing table:

medical billing statement template word
medical billing statement template word

Here is other sample billing statement for services rendered, which is has been modified like invoice from the suggestion in Modify section:

sample billing statement for services rendered
sample billing statement for services rendered



You can use this collaborate free printable billing statements with another templates, such as invoice template. The free printable invoice templates is set on A4 paper in portrait. If you change the paper size, you may need to re-adjust it. This template can be used in any kind of business, from small to big company.

The billing statement template word can be downloaded after you kindly click these buttons:

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