Detailed Sales Pipeline Management Template Excel

This template named Detailed Sales Pipeline Management Template Excel. The main purpose is to display the sales prospect in various company or sectors throughout the months and years. Detailed Sales Pipeline Management Template Excel can be used for determining the stock and investment strategies. Detailed Sales Pipeline Management Template Excel can be used for personal business too.


Detailed Sales Pipeline Management Template Excel has 3 menus:

Pipeline Input

Menu for inputting the sector or company for Detailed Sales Pipeline Management Template Excel. This is the only inputting menu.

PipelineĀ Calculation

Menu for displaying the sales forecast and amount of each sector or company. For interactive displaying only.

PipelineĀ Total

Menu for displaying the chart of the sales forecast based on the previous menu.


First open the Pipeline Input menu. On the header, change the Company Name and Logo. You can add more detail on header such as period or company contact details.

detailed sales pipeline management template excel

Below the header, there are a table which we called Opportunity table. On the Opportunity table:

  1. Input the Opportunity name. It could be other company, where you buy the stock from or customer. If you want to use sales pipeline template xls for internal sales, you can input sector or product names.
  2. Enter the contact or responsible person in Customer Contact.
  3. Input the Sales Region, if needed.
  4. Lead Source is how the sales report will be reported via.
  5. Input the Sales Category, Forecast Amount, Sales Phase, Forecast Close, Year, and Probability of Sale.

If you confuse with how to enter the records and using this template, you can see the provided sales pipeline example records.

You can add new columns for contact details if you want to, as long it is not affecting other menus.

sales pipeline management excel template

The Timeline and Probability Forecast columns are auto-generated and fill with formula, but you can change the value or formula if you want to. The Timeline generated after you input the Forecast Close and Year. Probability Forecast generated by multiplicity between Forecast Amount and Probability of Sale.

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The last row is Total row. If you want to add new row, insert the row between this and previous row.

On the right side, there are 3 filters for displaying the recorded data in table. If you want to return to normal display, click the unfiltered button.

sales pipeline template xls

Next, go to Pipeline Calculation menu.

Note: after you change records in one menus, it may not automatically change the value in other menus. To fix this, go to Data tab > Refresh All.

Use the slider filters below the header to display the desired sales records and periods. You can select more than one option in a filter by doing Shift + Clicking.

sales pipeline example

Below the slider filter, there is the displayed forecast in each year. It will display the forecast om table manner. If there are two rows with same name but different timeline, they will merged into one row with different column value. If you accidentally enter the records with same Opportunity name and timeline, the amounts will merged into one or summed, so be careful with duplicates.

microsoft sales pipeline template excel

Then, go to Pipeline Totals menu. There is only one single line chart which you can used for statistical needs. The grey line is Probability Forecast line, which displaying the sales amount in each month. The orange line is the Cumulative Forecast line, meaning that the calculation of each month is summed by previous and current sales amount.

microsoft sales pipeline template xls


The sales pipeline management excel template is flexible. The microsoft sales pipeline template excel is open source template, you can edit or modify it for free. It is printable too, but you may need to adjust the columns and rows width before printing. Sales pipeline template excel free to download. The Detailed Sales Pipeline Management Template Excel can be used for planning or comparing with actual sales too.

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